Open your image and select the Crop Tool

The Options bar will change to allow you to put in the desired Width, Height, and Resolution.

Fill these in as required. For this example I want an image that is 3inches wide, 4.5inches high. The print resolution for Conns Cameras is always 300 pixels/inch. (See Making Custom Print Sizes)

When you have input your values, move your cursor over the image project collaboration tools. You will notice that the cursor is now the crop tool:

Click and drag a selection over the image. You can move the selection around or shrink/expand it as you wish by grabbing the selection and moving your curor again.

The area that will be cropped out is shaded. Once you are happy with the selection, accept it by hitting the Enter key or clicking the tick in the options Bar.

(Should you decide not to crop, click the Stop symbol in the options Bar.)

The image is now exactly 3 inches by 4.5 inches, at 300ppi. We can see this by going to Image->Image Size (Alt-Ctrl-I)

Save it as JPEG Quality 12 to a folder on your media called ‘3×4.5’ and bring it into Conns for printing.

Click here to download a PDF of this tutorial.