Open your image and open the Image Size dialogue box by Image->Image Size (Alt+Ctrl+I)

The Image Size dialogue box opens and presents itself as this (dimensions will differ for you image).

The Image Size dialogue box is broken down into three parts.

The first, is the pixel dimensions: This shows the actual pixels of your image and relates to the quality of your digital camera.

The next, is Document Size: This is the current size of your image, and can be viewed in Inches, cm, mm etc.
In the last section you have three main options.

  • Scale Styles – This is if you have any layer styles ie: shadows, added text, glows – It is not necessary when working with a photo straight from a camera.
  • Constrain Proportions – This will keep the width and height in proportion with eachother.
  • Resample Image – For setting the resolution of the image. Use Bicubic Smoother for image enlargements and Bicubic Sharper for image reduction.

We are going to resize our image so that the height is 12inches.

First, make sure that Constrain Proportions is ticked – This will mean that the image does not get distorted in any way.

Untick Resample Image – This way we can see the current resolution of the image.

Select inches from the drop down box and type 12 into the Height dialogue box. The Width automatically changes to 9 inches and the Resolution changes to 256.

For printing in Conns Cameras, we need the resolution to be 300ppi, so we tick Resample Image, select Bicubic Smoother and enter 300 as the Resoltion.

Click OK and you have resized your image.

NOTE: To print a 12×9 image we will have to print it as 12×16 no resize. Consult the Custom Print Size tutorial for more information.

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