Fill-in and Fit-in

When you are leaving your photos in to be printed, you may choose the option Fill-in or Fit-in. Fill-In is the standard, default setting.

Fill-In Explained

Most compact cameras take photos in a 4:3 ratio. What this means is that if you select a 6×4 size print (a 3:2 ratio), the whole sheet will be filled, but this will result in parts of your image being cropped.


(The darker area is not printed)

Fit-In Explained

If cropping the image does not suit you, as you need the whole image printed, you may choose to print as Fit-In.

If we take the same photo, and choose to print it as a 6×4  Fit-In, it will put the whole image on the sheet without cropping any of the image.

Alternatively, if neither of these options suits you, you will need to crop your image to be a 6×4.

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