If you want to print custom print sizes. Please follow these instructions.

For this example, we want to print an image that is 11inches wide and 3inches high.

First, you must crop or resize your image as per the instructions, noting most importantly that the image must be saved at 300ppi.

As we do not print any size paper that is 11×3, the image will be printed onto the next available size.

To see a full list of available print sizes, click here.

The next available size to print this image on would be a 12×8 sheet.

Make on folder on your USB key (burn folder; flash card; etc.) called ‘Printing’ and in this folder, make a new folder called ’12×8 NO RESIZE’.

What this means is that in the printing process, your 11×3 image is put on a 12×8 sheet without resizing the image at all. NOTE: if the image was not saved at 300ppi, the image would not come out the correct size on the sheet

If you have other images and sizes that you want printed, make a folder for all of them and bring them all in for printing click this site.

If it is all laid out this clearly, and the images are prepared, there will be no chance of error in size or quantities.

See Also: Fit In/Fill In

Click Here to download a PDF of this tutorial.